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The appearance of Michael/Veronica Cartwright!

It was raining in Miami the night that Michael got the signal. She had shut the door to her apartment with a soft click and stood for a long time, bare feet on the plush carpet, just listening to it hit the glass panes of her windows. The watery light from outside cast strange patterns on the floor, mirrored on the ceiling from the eerie light of her fish tank. She pushed herself off the wall in a snake-like movement and walked over to it, crouching down to be on eye level with the creature inside.
“Hey, Ziggy,” she said fondly to the small tawny octopus that crawled from inside its little plastic cave and stuck itself to the glass in greeting. “I missed you, too.” She dandled a few fingers over the water, tickling the surface, and three long, skinny tentacles wrapped themselves around her. She smiled a little and jiggled her fingers, making the happy cephalopod twitch, before she carefully removed her hand, rubbing at the suction cup marks Ziggy Stardust always left.
“Looks like a bad storm tonight,” she said to him. Ziggy wisely made no comment. Instead of continuing the conversation, Michael moved to the large floor-sized window of her living room, pressing her face to the glass. Light blue eyes blinked, then slowly closed and her breath formed a cloud on the pane. Michael didn’t want to think anymore tonight.
It had been a long day. She’d entertained a new partner, interested in fusing with the company in hopes of expanding her own and perhaps providing the corporate borg with a few more resources. That hadn’t been all she’d been interested in, either. One long dinner later and Michael found out that what this woman was really out to test on her preliminary show was how talented the great Veronica Cartwright turned out to be in bed, to see if perhaps it mirrored her talent in the office. It would have been so easy - a light cupping of the hands at dinner, a few wine glasses too many, sweet lips running down the column of her neck, and then-
Dammit. Michael pulled away from the window and looked down at her hands.
They’re soiled, she thought to herself. Already covered in tainted blood.
And to think- she had not yet begun to defile herself. The war was soon ahead.
So soon in fact that her eyes shot open when a bright glare of light caught her attention. She turned her gaze up to the filmy moon, blazing with an unearthly glory that was not of nature’s doing alone. She furrowed her brow.
This was what she had been waiting for.
Michael shut the door to her room and stood staring at the suitcase sitting neatly on the bed, ready and packed for when she was called to leave. It wouldn’t take long to once-over the apartment. There was little here that she loved.
Well, precious little. A note to the girl next door and her keypad number was ready to be slipped into the correct mailbox so that Ziggy would have a playmate, and care. Other than that…
She grabbed the suitcase and a raincoat, though she doubted it would be raining in Rome.
Before she turned the lights off in the apartment, another bright flash made her glare at the ballistic eclipse.
“Dammit, Uriel, alright already,” she muttered to herself as she shrugged on her coat. “I’m on my way.”
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