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A very very very late update - Don't kill!

Participants: Mephistopheles and Barakiel
Summary: Well, they have to fight sometime, hm? And they're naked. Guess what happens? ♥

Barakiel let the storm die down a bit after Cain turned away from the cage around Uriel. He scowled, eyeing the area around him, then glanced in the direction of the mass of darkness. Hm. Who would that be? Fallen, yes, but who? It didn't matter, he decided. Fallen was Fallen, for his current purposes. Flicking his wings once more, he caused a handful of lightnings to span from the sky to the earth around said dark mass and its creator, who looked to be a hot naked chick somewhat injured.

Mostly oblivious to the singeing near misses of the lighting that boiled away a minor amount of her massed shadows,
Mephistopheles didn't much care at this point who attacked her. Hovering there like a target, she knew she'd get attacked eventually. The thought did cross her mind that she really ought to go lie down somewhere and sleep for a month or so, but a target had presented itself in the form of the sexy naked angel lightning-controlling angel. Shadows trailing behind her, she moved in closer, mildly surprised at her body's sluggish response. When she was within speaking range, she spoke, her voice dull and emotionless.

"You. You're the one blocking HIM (motioning towards Uriel) from me?"

"Yes, and you will not touch him because I have dibs he has quite a bit to answer for."

He studied his opponent, noting her sluggishness. It looked like the sunlight had injured her quite a bit. She wasn't in much condition for a good fight, he thought. Too bad. She was hot and he'd totally do her if they weren't on opposite sides.

"You look like twice-baked Hell, you know. Sure you're up for a fight?" His lips curled in a smirk. Maybe if he was lucky, he could bluff her away, since he had Uriel to mind and maim take care of.

"You're right. He does have a lot to answer for, but no angel can give him the punishment due to him."

The part of her mind still working at top speed told her to back off, that in her condidtion, she was in no health to fight the advances of the damnably sexy half-naked angel angel before her, but she was very much beyond caring.

"You're a little singed around the edges yourself. Sure you can take me, angel?" Her voice taunted even herself.

"Take you?" Barakiel grinned suddenly, teeth flashing against his tan, amused at her choice of words. He had always been more than a bit of a perv, at any rate, and even though she was his enemy, he could not resist.

"Honey, I could take you six ways from Sunday and you'd love it every time." The humor faded after a few moments, sadly. He had more important things to think about, namely keeping Uriel intact for now safe and away from the humans and Fallen.

Mephistopheles quirked an eyebrow at the angel's perverted sense of humor. She hadn't been expecting THAT to ever come from an angel's mouth. She took it a step further, hoping to get to a point where the angel'd back off on the foreplay witty banter and just outright attack her.

"Is that a promise, dahling? You'd find I can more than keep up, and I'd probably tire you out."

Her smirking grin barely concealed the pain just beginning to come through.

Hm. Well, he wasn't sure if bantering was better than killing, but it was amusing, to say the least. Barakiel wasn't falling for the bait, though. He knew better than to move in close, no matter how pretty the Fallen was, and directed his lightnings to strike again at her mass of darkness with a bit more intensity. A faint smirk crossed his face.

"Doubtful. Though I'm afraid we probably won't get the chance to... compete."

The angel struck at her shadows again, more powerfully, and closer to her. He had yet to strike HER with the lightning, which puzzled her. Also the fact the he was still talking to her and hadn't finished the job, all this conspired to make Mephistopeles completely puzzled. What was up with this angel that he wasn't taking the chance to finish her off?

A slow, semi-seductive smile spread across her face as something clicked into her head. Silly angel.... he was still being a nice guy. She landed at the edge of the building he was on, as far away from him as she could get, her knees buckling underneath her weight for the briefest of seconds before she steadied herself. The shadows stayed writhing around on the ground, her skin under the burns was deathly pale without any shadows, but her third pair of wings (the missing ones) were stll outlined in shadows. Her power knew what was missing and sought to correct it.

"Mm. That's a guy for you. Never willing to make a commitment." She shrugged, the motion unbalancing her like she was drunk, sending her falling to the rooftop (he IS on a roof, yes?) to land on her butt. "oohph."

Barakiel sighed when she fell onto her butt. His instincts shouted at him to go help her up, but he knew better than to do that. She was injured, and it wasn't like him to strike someone down in cold blood. Relaxing a little, he slid his power over her to asses her emotional state. Hopefully she'd get the point and simply leave without any further issues.

"Not that I mind the view of your naked self on the ground in front of me, but you really do look like shit. Want to take a raincheck on fighting? I prefer things to be more...fair."

Staring up at the mostly naked angel, Mephistopheles was very much at a loss of words. He was being nice to her. An angel was being nice to a Fallen. The world really was ending, wasn't it?

"I should report you. 'm not sure to who, but I should. I'm suppose' to be EVIL. Why the hell aren't you just takin' me out?" Her voice was slurred faintly, and, as she spoke, the shadows on the ground were quietly bleeding away to normal levels. With a suddenness that surprised even her, she rocketed back to her feet, lurched forward two steps, then collapsed forward into unconsciousness with a tiny scream of pain.

As the Fallen fell forward, he automatically moved to catch her. There wasn't time for him to take her to a hospital since he had to deal with Uriel, but he could probably figure something out. There were still some intact buildings that he could see, including the one they were standing on. Carefully, he scooped up the unconscious girl, aware that should she wake up, he'd be in trouble. If she could even lift her hand, that is.

After making sure the building was structurally sound, he deposited the unconscious Fallen inside. At least she'd be under shelter this way. If he still had his clothes, he'd cover her up, but alas, there was nothing with which to do so. He'd probably come back later to see if she was still there.

That task done, Barakiel made his way back to where he'd left his bitch fellow angel in the lightning cage.

Zomg. Sorry for taking so long. We really don't have an excuse, and I hope that people are still interested in playing. ;__; Don't hate meeeeee and don't hate Chaaaaniiiiii.
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