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Name. Xie suffices

Contact. Theflutterofherwings.at.gmail. My aim is ihearhervoice and yahoo, bara_no_scarlet

Age. 21

Roleplay Experience. I roleplayed in chats/messengers for years on aol. From eight grade until junior year, pen and paper rps for two, for the past year and a half, I’ve done lj roleplaying, played Touga in some SKU games, Hotohori and Soi in some Fushigi Yuugi ones. I’m the one who ran RT into the ground in pretty flames of glory!

Journal. My journal is [Bad username: aka_mamushi]. This will be Dante’s

Character Name. Dante Johnson [Dante Alighieri]

Physical Description. Thirty-four, tanned, dusty-brown hair in that needing-to-be-cut-but-too-apathetic-to-care stage. Short, but a little shaggy. Dante dresses casually, and in a style which screams his nationality: American; jeans, primarily. The prominent feature of his face would have to be his nose, beaklike and protruding. His eyes are small, beaded. His hands tend to shake slightly when nervous and his shoulders carry a bit of a slouch, as cunning as it is weak.

Historical Role. Instrumental in the modern conception of Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell. Considered by some to be the Father of Modern Italian. Author of the Divine Comedy. One of the famous noses of history. Seriously, check this thing. “The one character it would make sense to make Italian” in the words of Jichou :D!

Character Background. Dante Johnson, son of two literature professors from Cornell University is only grateful for the fact that his father was not a Paradise Lost scholar. His childhood was typical, he was an average student, prone to distraction, and an average child, content to cause his share of trouble. In his youth, he was very much a follower. His parent’s divorce in 1977 led him to go with his mother away from Cornell to Perdue—he should have stayed in New York. Upon graduation, he did go back there, stifled under the presence of his father at his college, though able to afford it for that reason. Junior year, he transferred to NYU, leaving his father behind as he did his mother—not an angry schism, but a quiet estrangement that slowly grew between himself and his family like a delicate tension. He enjoyed literature, but he preferred to write. New York was a much better match than a family.

He has always wanted to work at the Times, is stuck at The Star. When he was 27, he moved to Los Angeles to write stories on celebrities, but found his talent wasted on dry stories lacking inspiration. Quitting for a time, he traveled back across the country, hoping a drive, rather than flight back to New York might provoke some muse. It was in Kansas, a town auspiciously named Virgil, that, stopping for a cup of coffee in a diner made of pure Americana, that Dante first noticed it, a man who was different, darker… Innately he knew the man though he could not place her and had never seen her; innately they knew each other. Dante followed her—the woman probably knew he was being followed, it was, after all, the middle of no where and one can only be so subtle when there are only two cars on the road for 20 miles.

The woman led him to the site of some sort of grisly and impressive cult suicide. Before he could question her, she was gone. Publishing the exclusive, yet copies of a few notes found on the scene before police arrived was just the boost he needed to get published on of the highest of the low papers.

He works at the Star and due to his peculiar knack for stories involving religion, He was recently made the European correspondent, stationed in Rome (likely because of the Vatican). He is a conspiracy theorist, largely because what he has seen on many levels corroborates these ideas. He also knows better than to talk openly about demons and angels and any sort of “War” outside of the tabloids.

Dante has always had an odd relation with the hero of the Divine Comedy of the same name. As a boy, he pretended (or so he thought) that he was, in fact, Dante Alighieri. Being raised by a Dante scholar, however, he has rationalized that just because his bedtime stories were tales of Heaven and Hell, does not make him Dante Alighieri anymore than a kid wearing superman pajamas is actually Superman. Still, it amuses him that his celebrity obsession’s name is Beatrice and he has jokingly dubbed his source (whom he has never met in person) as “Virgil.” He and Virgil communicate through e-mail which he checks frequently at internet cafes or on his PDA.

Personality: He is ambitious, he is proud. He is flawed, but he is also deeply passionate about his writing, loud to the point of boisterous, and will try to keep people at ease with a joke. He is always prompt with his deadlines and has a nose for a good story. He is an approachable man though is easily prone to contempt and does like to place himself above others. He could be devout in a religion, but a moral relativism colors much of his world view.

Character Strengths. Dante is intelligent enough to know how to manipulate words, people to a degree. He does have some financial means to support him. He is very dedicated and protective once (if he ever) finds a cause.

Character Flaws. He can be judgmental, almost cruel when addressing a person’s flaw, sometimes does not feel that he is wholly in charge of his own life. Beatrice would be a major exploitable weakness for him. He is ambitious, desperate to get published in a bigger paper than the ridiculous tabloid for which he works, but his stories, especially since focusing upon the brewing war, are sensationalistic. He also holds strong grudges against his enemies and is not afraid of a little libel.

Magic Specialty. Dante has the ability to recognize divine creatures for what, though not who they are. Further, he has the ability to go places which mortals probably should not be able to go and gain an understanding of the speeches of souls. (Outside of the mortal realm ^_^;). I was not sure about defensive powers, I thought of eschewing them in favor of these two.

Relationships with Other Humans. None that I know of. I want to work in Virgil somehow, I’m not sure how.

The part of Beatrice is played, in this stage by a Parisian actress, Beatrice Dalle. Unapproachable, ideal, beautiful, everything he has ever wanted in a woman, an accidental photograph snapped of her at a nude beach in France with an anonymous man is one of his few pieces which has been published outside of The Star. Part of his love (obsession?) is based upon gratitude of what she inadvertently did for him (She—probably not quite as grateful), but also a mere fascination with her. He did not recognize her as a celebrity when he took her picture.

Barring this, we could keep the Beatrice is in Heaven slant going.

I’m not sure who the divine being that Dante met in Kansas was. ^_^;

Dante sees Gabriel as Beatrice—the original one. Seeing as he cannot identify divine beings specifically, he will probably mistake the two very easily!
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