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Application for Barakiel


Name: Zen DeQuervain

email: savageln@comcast.net or dequervain@hotmail.com

AIM: ZenobiaDeQue

MSN: dequervain@hotmail.com

Yahoo: captainsdorim

Age: 24

RP Experience: Haven't played in any games like this, but I have been RPing with Ana(Azazel) since February 2001 via AIM (ask about our craziness, seriously. >_>) Also, tabletop RPGs for three years. In high school I did some moderate roleplaying with my then-best friend similar to what Ana and I did on AIM, though mostly through notes and on the phone.

Personal LJ: zendequervain


Original Name: Barakiel/Barachiel/Baraqiel "Lightning of God" "Blessings of God"

Original Dominion: Lightning, general weather. Guardian angels and thus, assistance to humanity.

Original Rank: Seraphim, Archangel.

Loyalty: Loyalist, pretty much. He didn't Fall, that is, even though he was and is Not Happy with the recycling of angels (many of whom were his friends) to create Earth and its inhabitants. He is still miffed over that whole espisode, though not enough to ever truly rebel, since he loves humanity and doesn't want it to be destroyed.

Wings: Six, silvery, almost metallic-like wings, often with sparks in and among the feathers.

Physical Description: Barakiel is 42, roughly 5'9," with a pale to light caucasian skin tone. He has very thick dark auburn hair that waves slightly and is threaded with a bit of silver in places. It is long enough for him to pull back in a fat braid that falls to mid-back. He is physically fit, for the most part, often agonizing a little over the small (but cute!) stomach pooch he's acquired from eating rich food, though he'd never give up his dining habits. His nose is a bit too long for him to be called classically handsome, his deep-set green eyes flashing with amusement nearly all the time. He has a fine bone structure with the tiniest cleft at his chin, and moderately full lips that are usually bent upwards with a smile. The few lines on his face are from laughing and smiling, except for a hint of a worry-crease between his eyes. His is the face of a man who is hard to dislike.

Personality: Barakiel is the kind of guy who tends to get along with everyone. As the chief of the guardian angels, he knows the ins and outs of humanity more than most of the other divine beings, and is thus knowledgeable and respectful of the sliding scale of gray (neutrality) between black (evil) and white (good). He loves people of all sorts, believing in the redeemability of pretty much everyone (including the Fallen) given the right circumstances, information, and time. That said, he is far from naive, from the exact same experience with people of all sorts. Also, he is a bit of a practical joker, often using his abilities to modify the weather for his and others' amusement (up to and including a raincloud over one person's head). Mischievious in a good-natured sort of way, Barakiel is rather obviously a hit with younger people. His attitude is much the same for both sides of his being, Divine and mortal. Not truly happy-go-lucky, but laid back and comfortable to be around.

Human Background: Barakiel, aka Dr. Allan Hargrove, hails from London, England, and runs an independent psychiatry practice in Rome. His parents, Rosemary and Milton Hargrove, raised their son with honor and dignity in a loving home, passed away when he was in his mid-twenties, and thus missed seeing their son's graduation from university and subsequent relocation to Rome for his doctoral studies. After recieving his doctorate in psychiatry and training to be able to conduct therapy as well, he set up practice not too far from Raphael's hospital in Rome. He works twice a month in a free clinic to provide psychiatric care to those who cannot pay, and dispenses free pharmaceutical medicine samples to those who need them. He often also provides service at his regular office to patients who cannot make it to the clinics. His job takes up most of his time, excepting that which he needs for recuperation from the emotionally-draining work.

Character Strengths: He loves people, and will do almost anything to help whoever he can within reason. Unlike many in his position (human, that is), he understands that he'll never be able to help everyone or save every person, and so resigns himself to that effect. His willingness to bend the rules a bit for the greater good of all could also be called a strength. He does his best not to judge others, figuring that the only one who has the right to do so is YHWH Himself.

Character Weaknesses: Even though he knows he can't save everyone, Barakiel sometimes still gets too involved emotionally with his patients and others, and has to force himself to spend time to relax and recenter himself frequently to avoid being burned out, which sometimes happens anyway. He is in some danger of getting too jaded by his work for both humans and Divine beings alike. That said, he still desperately wants to believe that everyone is redeemable in some way.

Physical Strengths: Barakiel isn't really that much of a physical fighter, preferring to use his weather abilities for self defense and otherwise (think wizard-like). he is quicker and more agile than the average guy, but only after taking some human self-defense courses and a weekly yoga class for relaxation.

Physical Weaknesses: As earlier stated, he isn't much of a physical combat kind of person. He would rather avoid fighting altogether if possible. While he can use his sword competently, he dislikes it.
War Politics: Barakiel completely understands the reason why some of his former brethren rebelled. He is firmly on the side of to angels in this one, partially because he wants to prevent the Anti-Messiah from coming into being and the destruction of the world as he knows it.

Artillery: Aside from the whole lightning-and-weather bit, Barakiel has been known on occasion to charge his sword and any other metal object with electricity, using it in effect as a taser for self defense or for other reasons (such as practical jokes). When he gets very angry, his hair frizzes and gives off charge, growing from small sparks to miniature lightning bolts.
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