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Name. Britt, Daestwen, Mod-Baby. You choose.
Contact. daestwen (at) aim: the daestwen
Age. 19
Roleplay Experience. I’m the mod here. Don’t question my authority! (Though, for reference, I’ve done several rps. If you want a list, you can ask me.)
Journal. [Bad username: daestwen]

Original Name. Gabriel

Original Dominion. The Messenger, Creator of Love

Original Rank. Archangel/Seraphim/Cherubim

Loyalty Status. Before the Fall: On his left hand side; after the Fall: Loyalist, but sent to earth as a messenger, no longer as close with god.

Number/Description of Wings. He simply has two, white, and they shine with their own light. In heaven, he had three pairs, but since he’s been on earth so long, he no longer has then.

Physical Description. The first thing to note is that Gabriel looks different to everyone. I will explain this later.* To himself, he appears to be around 25, tall and lean with pale skin and blue/grey eyes, and long, wavy black hair pulled back into a pigtail/ponytail. He generally wears dark colours, sweaters, turtle necks and long jackets, unless he is volunteering at the church, for which he owns a set of black robes.

Personality. Gabriel is quiet, reserved, and perpetually sad. It’s been a long time since he could smile without it seeming like pure sorrow. He has empathy for everyone – yes, even the demons – which is probably why he can’t help but feel completely hopeless most of the time. He’s passionate, but it’s a quiet passion normally, save every once in a while when it comes out in sporadic and unpredictable bursts – mostly when he’s been letting it build without telling anyone. He tends to keep his private thoughts to himself, except in the bursts mentioned above.

Character Strengths. Empathy. He can understand even the sorrow of the demons.

Character Flaws. Again, Empathy. Though it’s his greatest trait, it’s also his fatal flaw – his empathy creates burdens for him that he cannot lift.

Physical Strengths. With his wings out, Gabriel is very agile and very fast. He probably is one of the most nimble flyers among the angels, though he’s been out of practice for the last little while. His authority comes from his power, which will be explained, as I said, below.*

Physical Weaknesses. His physical strength only barely above the average human’s, and his magical power is well below the average angel’s. He is built as an envoy, not a fighter.

Human Background.
- Has been on Earth for the last 3000 years, giving messages to people such as Mohammed, Mary, Joan of Arc, etc.
- For the last 25 years has lived in Rome, taking various jobs, as he has less and less to do in his official role of ‘messenger’ since God disappeared. For the last five years, he’s been working as an assistant at a small chapel on one of the hills surrounding Rome. He never had a human family, since he’s been there for basically ever, but has a ‘father figure’ in the Priest that works at his Chapel, Father Benjamin, and has been staying with him in the house beside the church for the last couple of years. (When Father Benjamin looks at him, he sees a rather charming, brilliantly smiling 18 year old boy with obvious intelligence – just the thing he wanted to be, so badly, but was too bumbling to do so.)
- Smokes like a chimney. ‘For his nerves’ he claims. He does not drink, at least not much.

War Politics. Though he had empathy for the demons, he could not join them, and betray his god. Especially now, he is even more assured of his position, since the demons have taken their war to mankind. Gabriel feels a very real and very close attachment to the human species – more than almost all of his peers – and tries to act in their interests, even above his own.

Artillery. Gabriel once could make plagues, as in Egypt, but because of the horrors he caused there he gave them up rather quickly. Now he relies only on his sword, and his natural power.

*Gabriel’s Special Power: Gabriel appears to the beholder exactly as what they would most desire. This doesn’t mean he would show up as a pumpkin pie. He becomes the beholder’s highest idea of desire, which often means what the beholder wishes they were, or wishes that everyone else was. Please make sure to make a note about how your character would see Gabriel, as it will be important in future rps with him.

**Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels. Is on good terms with Michael, though he plays the roll of junior, in the relationship. Was good friends with Sammael before the fall, but for obvious reasons, no longer indulges in that particular relationship, and sees him only when he is forced to (ie. a message). The rest to be determined at a later date.
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