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Apologies for the inconvenience; the applications were revised and remodeled. Previous applications have been removed from the community but have been saved for the players' reference.

Aside from that, an application.

Name. K (nothing more, nothing less).
Contact. / heykidWANNADIE @ AIM / hismajestythekinq @ y!m
Age. 18.
Roleplay Experience. Played a variety of Shoujo Kakumei Utena characters in 6+ canon games as Ohtori Akio, Tsuchiya Ruka, and Souji Mikage. Moderated one of those games. Roleplaying for about three years now as various self-complacent assholes.
Journal. chaolann.

Original Name. SAMMAEL; better known as Satan or Satanael.

Original Dominion. Sammael is often associated with raw, corrupted evil. He is known to be chief of the Satans (or demons), perhaps even prince over them. He is one of the number of angels of death, and has been reputed as both the greatest and foulest angel in the Heavens. Among other things, he is Temptation personified. Powers-wise, Sammael, being closest to YHWH, has taken many an observation to heart, and has learned to manipulate already ordered Chaos, or Cosmos. He is able to recycle and manipulate the shape and form of Cosmos, as well as cancel the Cosmos of any non-human and non-Divine creation.

Original Rank. Archangel.

Loyalty Status. Before the Fall, he was the closest of all angels to YHWH. After the Fall, naturally, he is the leader of the adversaries, though his feelings towards YHWH are kept private and mixed, despite radically speaking against Him.

Number/Description of Wings. Originally twelve. During his Fall, they were shredded and tattered. Now they are patchy with the colour of rust, brown and grey with wear, only six of them remaining, however shredded and torn.

Physical Description. He exists as a forty four year old male, though his face and features give him away to be about twenty eight - thirty. Sammael is naturally of an impressive height, also able to physically loom over others, always standing tall and upright, formidable. His frame is haunting, appearing slim to the point of being skeletal and lanky, though he possesses quite a healthy physique. He has tousled black hair, usually masking his eyes and brushing along his shoulders in the back. He is usually dressed in a suit of a variety of time periods, and is never out without his umbrella. His skin is slightly tanned, though can often grow eerily pale from exhaustion or dismay. His eyes are not of a solid colour, but either dulled to being entirely and emptily black, or flickering wildly.

Personality. He has absolute and final authority over his colleagues concerning the War, and knows it, despite remaining tightlipped on matters addressing the War. Despite his leading role in the story, he makes himself scarce and rare, preferring to be distant from the main scene as he oversees that his AntiMessiah Project runs smoothly. He allows mindless slaughter to be the exciting passtime of the younger Satans. He is hardly approachable and always distant, though with a grace and charm and biting tongue given anyone who is lucky enough to get any reaction from him at all. He is aloof, rarely condescending to associate with any human beings, and always looking down on the Angels, though he secretly still feels he is an equal to them. He need use nothing more than a sharp or spared glance to intimidate or silence those around him. He seldom engages in combat, finding messy gore and violence a task for his fellow demons to revel in and enjoy (despite his slaughtering thousands of humans daily) and is quite diplomatic, despite expectations. On a rare and bloody occassion, he openly unleashes his demonic and insatiable desire for bloodlust and sadism, and seeks to appease such inhumane though ever-burning sins through the sexual and emotional violation of Angels, humans being automatically beneath anything worth feeling dominant over.

Character Strengths. Well-respected among his colleagues, obviously. Despite being of an opposing side, he has also maintained an adamant loyalty to his former fellow Angels. He uses his reputation as well as his dark and looming demeanor to get his point across, though always has sharp words to suffice in its stead. Is also quite knowledgeable about the construction of the Heavens as well as the Angels, which he uses to his advantage for destruction. Being Close to YHWH, he knows all of the other Angels very well, and is quite familiar with majority characteristics surrounding the Archangels, as he used to be one of them. He uses this to appeal to them when in need of a game or two, and can easily intimidate lesser Angels and manipulate them or lure them into surrendering their Cosmos. Obviously.

Character Flaws. As it is also a strength, his loyalty and affinity for the higher Angels makes him hesitant to act outright brutally against them. His mixed feelings towards and hope for them may distract his means of going about the war, which calls for direct and immediate action after action.

Physical Weaknesses. Despite being capable of mass amounts of intense damage and destruction, Sammael finds that he is quite, for lack of a better word, old. Unlike the Angels, he has been worn down from the Fall, as demonstrated by his torn and tattered wings, which prove to be largely inefficient in combat. As his powers have also remained quite dormant until the recent century, he is often easily and greatly exhausted by them, though that is also a result of his decaying age. His curse ever since he had Fallen from the Grace of YHWH was an insufferable and inescapable deterioration as the Glory God had originally given him was slowly sapped back out of him in shame and punishment. He is slowly crumbling, despite being an immortal with a peak human physique, though plans to secretly rejuvenate and give a 'rebirth' to himself through the AntiMessiah Project to see the glorious result of his War and revel in the delusional Triumph.

Human Background. He has managed to lead himself a life as minimally involved as possible. King of Temptation and omniscient of the average human's every desire, he managed to snag an easily overly-successful 'career' in advertising under the name of Sammael Yeslam, though nobody dare address him anything other than 'Sir'. With such a name he has been labeled as an eccentric foreigner that most choose to distance themselves from out of intimidation. His career has rewarded him with a luxurious sum of money. He resides in seclusion, aside from the company of his pet Beelzebub, in an old apartment to distract from the glory of his Furnace (hidden away in the city). It is a makeshift penthouse, however far less glamorous, and all other building tenants know to keep away from the final floor's resident. He has made little to no interaction with surrounding humans, aside from what he has needed to get by. He has refused to engage in his attributed and traditional overly-extravagant sexual encounters, refusing to lower himself and condescend to associating with those whom were the cause of his Fall and opposition to YHWH. He has remained patient until lately, slaughtering thousands of individuals and making a clean escape of it by tossing all evidence into his Furnace.

War Politics. His original opposition to YHWH was in protest to the sacrifice and thoughtless slaughter of his fellow Angels required for the recycling of already contained cosmos for the fabrication of the material world and Messiah. Despite being Fallen, he still expects the respect and loyalty that he had when he dwelled in Paradise as the most highly respected of all Angels. He finds YHWH to be a tyrant, abusing of his powers to manipulate Chaos and abusing of the blind obedience of His Angels. He will not stop until YHWH has confessed to these crimes and allows His Angels the Free Choice and other privileges he so disgustingly bestowed upon the humans, whom he views as poor excuses for Creation and not deserving of his thousands of brothers slain. He is mainly fighting in retribution to fight Fire with Fire, for the memory of his lost brethren as well as his lost glory, and expects that in time the Angels still in Paradise will Fall to do the same.

**Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels. He was married to Lilith, his wife, whom he searches for now on Earth. He is always the ever-opposing rival of Michael, who is now famed as the 'Greatest of All Angels' in his stead, despite being used to being YHWH's favourite. He has an inexplicable attraction and fondness for the angel Gabriel, and has always remained very close with his contant companion Beelzebub.
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