daestwen (daestwen) wrote in anno__domini,

Name. Britt, or Deastwen, or Mod-baby. Up to you.
Contact. daestwen (at) gmail.com, aim: the daestwen
Age. 19
Roleplay Experience. do not question my authority! i'm a mod, so. if you're curious, ask me.
Journal. daestwen

Original Name. Cain

Condemning Sin. Fratricide.

'Christian' Name. Gavin

Physical Description. He appears to be middle aged - about fifty - with a wide berth, broad shoulders, constant grey stubble. His hair is grey and wild - never seems to brush properly - and he is missing an eye. (He wears an eyepatch most of the time, except in battle). He generally wears black vestments, though he has a battle cloak that looks like your average priest's black robes, but in leather and full of pockets for bullets, guns, relics, ect. He has a scar in the shape of '0' on his forehead.

Personality. Completely bat-fucking insane. He's been on earth longer than anyone (literally) and it's driven him a little crazy. He has a death wish the size of Mt. Everest. Forceful, blunt, and obsessed with Death, and not afraid to hurt those who get in his way. He is, however, insanely devout and loyal to God and the Pope - the two people he considers to be above him. He doesn't care much for angels or demons, but will see what needs to be done is done, in the name of God the father. Maybe, then, the bastard will let him die.

Character Strengths. Not many! Probably just his dedication. He will stop at nothing to find the reincarnations, is stubborn and hard to convince of anything, since he's seen almost everything.

Character Flaws. Everything else. Vicious. Condemning. Hateful. And since he already has the worst sin of the world on his shoulders, he doesn't mind committing a few extras.

Physical Strengths. Huge amount of physical strength and magical strength.

Physical Weaknesses. His strength is sporadic, comes in bursts, and hard to control. He's not exactly 'fast' and too narrow minded to fight more than one opponent effectively. Dangerous when trying to fight with an ally, as tends to target ally just as much as his opponent.

Historical Role. Cain was the first son of Adam, and in a jealous rage slew his Brother Abel. God found out, and condemmed him with the 'Seven-Fold Curse', which meant that anything that killed him in turn would have that punishment brought upon himself seven times stronger. (this is the 0 mark on his forehead). As such, he has yet to die, and it's the thing he wants the most.

Pre-XI Background and history. He wandered around for a long, long time, mostly sleeping with random women, getting into fights and fighting in every war that he could get into. (He was in the Roman Legion for a long, long time, before heading up to fight with the Vikings for a bit, and then some of the germanic tribes.) When the catholic church began gaining power after Constantine, he joined it, and founded the XI in the 14th century.

War Politics. Completely loyal to the pope, and god. This does not mean the angels, though it means he is fighting alongside them for now.

Soul Weapon. His weapon is a long, silver spear with a crucifix at the end.

Magic Speciality. Soul Magic. He specializes in using attack to take soul-damage against demons. He has summoned one or two, but he's not very effective, and normally ends up killing them anyway.
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