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Uriel’s eyes crystalized as the death throes of the First Woman cut through the air in the same manner as her spinal column. The Sharpest Eye was impassive to the human suffering; cut instead by the momentarily shattering force of the blood spattering on the sacrosanct earth.

It felt as if something very important had just broken the leg of a mystical table. One he had not known for eons. And in an epiphany, that explained it all. Humanity was the key, literally—very literally—to the gate of Heaven. They must also be so to the Gate of Hell. Hell, however, was ahead, no matter how many keys remained.

Michael was needed NOW. If not for the message, for the war. He would send another, stronger message. Another eclipse; this one unlike the previous sign, would be impossible to ignore.

The sky darkened as the sun poured down like a waterfall of flame into the brilliant wings of the archangel. To not channel the energy of the sun through a conduit would likely be too destructive; not for the Fallen in the area, but for Earth and its own inhabitants.

Uriel’s eyes were possessed with the fire, soulless and elemental, a fiery set of second suns as he wordlessly looked to Barakiel. He was almost amorphous in light, a man fully possessed by the celestial orb which was his ward.

Carry on the fight… It was not a self-sacrifice this soon in the game, though it would take him out of the fight for today.

He could not risk anyone ascending illegally to Heaven and he could not risk another day without there message. Uriel obeyed the Messenger’s order, in the most extreme way possible. He released three days of the sun’s fire, heat, and light on the ruins of the pantheon, a blast which could not be restrained to quite a such a small radius even with Uriel’s precision.

Extending to double the size of the crater in Rome, the fire incinerated everything material it touched. Nearly instantaneously. It was just as well. The light produced by the flare would be enough to painfully blind and drive mad any of the 3000 or so blissfully unaware citizens of Rome and tourists who were sped along to their eternal reward or otherwise.

The blast was actually greatly reduced through adding height to the three days worth of flame. A tower of fire rose to Heaven, ascending beyond the ancient construct of humanity’s imperfect hubris. It roared for five minutes, crackling, searing, blinding, and ashing. Finally, like a birthday candle, it was extinguished.

The angel seemed to shrink in stature as the sun smouldered like a half-burnt coal suspended in the sky. He dropped to the ground in need of recovery; and covering. The angel’s wings dropped about his form; far less lustrous and bright for the moment. Every feather seemed to blink, like a crying, all-seeing eye.

Britt: admittedly i kind of wanted Gabe to get his ass kicked, though. :/
Xie: ...well.. okay. He could order Uriel to back down.
Britt: Yeah. He he would probably give Uriel a new skin if he got anymore humans killed.
Xie: ^^; that's okay, exfoliation is good ever few eons.
Britt: it might be good, though, if he did kill humans.
Britt: It might push Gabriel over the edge of falling.
Xie: you just want a hot S&M sequence with gabe and uriel.
Britt: hahaha, well maybe.
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