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Name. Beth
Contact. E-mail: sag_diva [at] yahoo.com. AIM: PhantomAnge
Age. 21 (I have the feeling I'll probably be the oldest person in the RP. @_@)
Roleplay Experience. Let's see. I'm Kioshi and Hibari (the little-seen) at Ohtori Academy, which you two know me from, and, currently, in addition to playing Kalia and Taliesin over at worldresolution, I will be playing Akito Sohma at onigiribasket, a Fruits Basket RP, once the game starts up on the 12th. I was previously a member of Euthorpia (a short-lived game on GJ). I've been RPing for... quite a few years now. I lost count. >>;
Journal. dragonminstrel

Original Name. Raphael
Original Dominion. Ultimate healer.
Original Rank. Archangel
Loyalty Status. Before the Fall, Raphael hadn't been as close to God as, say, Michael would have been, but Raphael was close enough to suit his needs. He loved Him dearly and would do anything He asked of him. After the Fall, Raphael is a Loyalist, still loyal to Him and misses him greatly.
Number/Description of Wings. One pair, white. Not glowing or anything. Just white. (Raphael honestly wouldn't have it any other way. He doesn't understand how any of the others can manage having more than one pair, anyway.)
Physical Description. Raffaele DiSanto, as he goes by now, wouldn't exactly describe himself as being tall or being short, either. He is a nice average height (about 5ft, 6in. or so) at the age of twenty nine. His hair is a dark brown and cropped short, though his bangs are fairly long, much to his human parents' annoyance. His eyes, in contrast, are bright, shining things (blue). When on his own (and not having to dress professionally for work), he prefers a rather loose shirt and dark slacks, and, while his outfit may vary, he is never seen without a small silver cross that he wears about his neck.
Personality. As a human, Raffaele has adjusted to this world fairly easily, growing used to it's people and their way of life. He's fairly happy the majority of the time, a smile usually constantly upon his face, the one who would give you a big wave to catch your attention and call you across a crowded street. Rather friendly and fairly easygoing with most people, he is always happy to help a friend in need. His friends and coworkers rarely see Raffaele depressed and he tries not to be, though there is the occasion where he fails and you could swear he resembled a kicked puppy. When it comes to the war at hand, Raphael has a complete face-change, however. He is willing to drop anything for it, even his job (which he tends to be rather serious about unless the situation calls for a lighter attitude), and he will be there at a moments notice to assist. Typically, however, should they get into actual combat, he tends to stay to the side for healing purposes, and often wishes he could do more.
Character Strengths. Able to fairly accurately read the emotions of others (not empathy, just fairly observant). Willing to provide the shoulder to cry on and be the one to listen if you have a problem, regardless of whether he likes you or not. Dependable, loyal to those he considers friends. He is driven by a need to try to save everybody, even if the situation seems hopeless.
Character Flaws. Somewhat naïve. Easily taken advantage of because he feels the need to help/save everybody. Feels somewhat useless on occasion due to the nature of his dominion.
Physical Strengths. In combat, he's fairly agile and can dodge rather easily. As the resident healer, should one of the others require healing, he is capable of doing so at a moments notice, helping to speed up the process.
Physical Weaknesses. As a healer, unfortunately, Raphael has very limited physical strength and he hates himself for it, for he wishes he could do more to help his fellow angels. While his healing abilities are a bonus, if he uses them in his human form, they can leave him physically drained and he has to rest for some time before being back to full strength.
Human Background. When Raphael first came to Earth, he figured that, if he was to be amongst them for an undetermined amount of time, he should at least come into all of this like everyone else. Thus, he was born to Leone and Clarice DiSanto on May 25, his parents giving him the name of Raffaele (the Italian form of his true name). Part of him would like to think that he has always been a member of the DiSanto family, but he knows that isn't the case; he has known about the war and being an angel as far back as he could remember (though he would never mention such things to his parents for fear that they would think him crazy). He loves his parents very dearly and considers himself rather lucky to be their son. His parents clearly recall, however, one day when the boy was ten. They were about to go to church one day and he told them that he couldn't be their son any more. When they asked why, he replied that he was one of God's beloved children, as his parents were. They were unsure what to make of such a statement, but they attended the church service in a state of bewilderment that day. Several more years passed and Raffaele entered school like any other normal person would, knowing immediately the field he would wish to go into when he reached university level: medicine. He made quite a few friends, most of which joined him in university due to his influence. He flew through the courses with ease, all of this coming as second nature to him, and he currently works at Gemelli Hospital as a physician.

Currently, he lives in an small apartment within Rome, rather sparse, but big enough to accommodate one other person should he so desire to have anyone else there. He also has a calico cat by the name of Donata, a birthday present from a group of his coworkers some time ago when they realized he needed some sort of companionship as he lived alone and he seemed to refused all human company when it came to the subject of roommates. In his spare time (whenever he gets free time, that is), he likes to curl up on the couch with his cat or go out for long walks and/or rides a bicycle to get around. Never will you see him on the subway as he's deathly afraid of it.
War Politics. The war, to Raphael, is very much a necessary one. While he does wish to try to save everybody, the demons, to him, were a mistake, though there is a part of him that still believes they can be saved. Despite this, he would never join them in order to try to save them. He is loyal to his God and only wishes for his restoration. Prior to the Fall, God's will was absolute and he would obey without question. After... well, he'll still obey God's original directives, but how he goes about accomplishing them is his own affair.
Artillery. N/A

**Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels. To be determined at a later date.
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