Cain (sevenfoldcurse) wrote in anno__domini,

He was running like a madman, robes flaring out behind him; rosary beads pulling at his neck and swinging off. Suddenly he broke into the pavillion, angels, demons, and... Pilate. Good. He got the message. He raised his spear in a salute to the man, and then ran off to the dome of lightning. Uriel. He slammed to a second stop, his chest heaving both with air and outrage.

"You go too far, angel." His voice rumbled like thunder over his tongue, and he raised his spear to slam it against the barrier. Testing it. Lightning screamed and crackled around the spear-point, and he pulled back, roaring. He wouldn't be able to get at him that way.

He turned around, whirling. If Uriel was trapped there, let him be trapped. There were plenty enough demons here to keep him occupied. He offered another vicious roar, raising his spear in invitation and warning, cold hard eyes looking up at the demons.

"I am the cursed son of Adam!" His voice echoed. "Come, Demons, and let me know thee!"
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