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And now...an application.

Name.</b> Xana
Contact. xanatenshi@gmail.com, IM: IllusionMyLife
Age. 20+
Roleplay Experience. I’ve been a table-top and internet roleplaying for years. Most notably I’ve role played Mikage and Saionji in two Shoujo Kakumei Utena RPGs. I also role play in various FFVII, FFVII:AC, and Fushigi Yuugi RPGs as Zack, Sephiroth, Kadaj, and Tomo, respectively.
Journal. yashakizu I'm just using this character journal to post because my yashakizu account hasn't joined the community yet. ^_^;

Original Name. Lucifer, “The Morning Star”

Original Dominion. One of the Seraph and in the direct presence of YHWH. He was called the “air elemental”. Ability to take on the form of a fiery serpent or an angel with six wings. He prefers wind and light as a weapon.

Original Rank. Seraph.

Loyalty Status. Before the fall, he was one of the closet to YHWH as a member of the Seraphim. They are in the direct presence of YHWH. He fell not because of the war, because of his own pride and an act of pure egoism of such love for himself, that YHWH cast Lucifer out for not loving him. His current loyalty status? Lucifer is not telling and he will keep it that way as long as he possibly can.

Number/Description of Wings. One form of the Seraph is as a flying serpent. (Seraph, from the verb saraph means “to burn”, while the Hebrew noun saraph means “a fiery, flying serpent.”)

-->The other Seraph form is described as being very tall, with six wings and four heads, one for each of the cardinal directions. One pair of wings are for flying, one for covering their eyes (for even they may not look directly at YHWH), and one for covering their feet.

Physical Description. The seraph were said to incinerate whoever looked upon them because of their immense brightness, and as a human Lucifer has retained some of that brilliance. His hair is so pale as to be white. His eyes are gold. He is pale of skin. He is muscular and lithe and tall of stature, about 6’2”. He is striking in a way that makes women and men want to look at him when he enters a room. His features are almost androgynous, but he is distinctly masculine. He tends to wear pale colors because the rest of his features are so light and black overwhelms him. His age is around 30. He is a smoker and always carries a lighter with him that has a cross on it, out of some irony. He has a way of making men want to be like him and women want to be with him. He takes pride in his appearance and wears the newest fashions.

Personality. He fell because of pride, and this is still a part of him. In his appearance, his speech, his friends, everything, he demands the best of himself and of those around him. He becomes extremely angered when people mistake the name of Lucifer as being Satan, who is in fact Sammael, and depending on his mood, and how much time he has, he will take pleasure in debating the person, or other being, about who the proper Satan is. He is not afraid to be very involved in the human world, though he tends to shun human lovers and only takes up with demons. Humans work for him, but they are only pawns in a game he is now a part of since he is one of the Fallen.

Character Strengths. He not only demands respect, but commands it. He is not afraid to touch the human world and that gives him great insights into manipulating humans to his whim. His dealings with the darker side of human life have created the perfect way for him to rid himself of “problems“ if they arise. He has gained wealth through a high business acumen and through an immaculate education. He recognizes something good when he sees it and will pursue it until it is his. He is a brilliant strategian and likes to play chess with those around him.

Character Flaws. As pride is a part of his personality, so it is his greatest character flaw. As pride has made him a man of impeccable taste it has also made him blind. He is always looking out for “Number One”, aka, himself. He becomes extremely angry when his pride is hurt and this can get him into situations he otherwise would have avoided.

Physical Weaknesses. He was once the “Light-Bringer” and now it is something he tends to shun. It reminds him of where and what he once was and this pains him because he once “almost had it all.” He enjoys spending his time in the nightlife of a city. Extremely bright lights tend to blind him, so he is often seen wearing sunglasses at all hours of the day and night.

Human Background. As Lucifer was once in such close contact with power in Heaven, so he immediately seeks it throughout his human life. He has taken up residence in London and runs a number of nightclubs there. His childhood was uneventful, he was popular, smart, and wealthy. He was educated at Oxford and sailed through with high grades as well as having his B.A, M.A and Ph.D. in Business. He spends most of his days between his seven nightclubs and lives above one of them in the heart of London near Leicester Square. He involves himself in politics through secret channels and has numerous allies working in some worldwide governments and businesses. He was raised as “Lucian”, but has taken to calling himself by his original name to his closest allies or lovers.

War Politics. His pride keeps him from directly wanting to involve himself in any conflicts. He would make any Mafia Don jealous with his ability to avoid the law and avoid angering rivals. He remains neutral on where he will stand when the War begins because he wants to keep his options open and he will decide when he sees all the cards laid out.

** Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels.

Lucifer may have seen himself as a part of a greater whole in the beginning with the other Seraphim, but by the time of his Fall he never gave them a second thought, unless they fit in his greater plans. He thought Sammael was right for going against YHWH, but feels some anger that Sammael’s status is greater than his own now.

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