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Name. J.
Contact. The newest one; AIM; VitalMessage
Age. 18.
Roleplay Experience. Over ten years of AOL roleplaying behind this belt. I've been in many Utena games(Romancing Train, Ohtori Academy, Rose Decay.) Modded a few as well. If you need links they can be shown if desired.
Journal. seki

Original Name. Beelzebub.

Original Dominion. Beelzebubs seemed to have many powers, but he was most known for the being who destroys by means of tyrants, causes demons to be worshipped, arouses desires in priest, brings about jealousies and murders and instigates wars. He was also said to bring forth disease. The 'prince of demons' and shapeshifter extrodanaire. All around he was an instigator.

Original Rank. Archangel.

Loyalty Status. He had orginally been an angel.

"Then I summoned Beelzeboul to appear before me again. When he was seated, I thought it appropriate to ask him, 'Why are you alone Prince of the Demons?' He replied, 'Because I am the only one left of the heavenly angels (who fell). I was the highest-ranking angel in heaven, the one called Beelzeboul. There is also accompanied me another ungodly (angel) whom God cut off and now, imprisoned here, he holds in his power the race of those bound by me in Tartarus. He is being nurtured in the Red Sea; when he is ready, he will come in triumph." TSol 6:1-4

But he's fallen. Now he resides in hell with his new master and chief. Oc fourse he will always come to earth to bring forth some type of disease, start wars, bring forth the desires in priests.

Number/Description of Wings. There's alot to be said about Beez. There's many descriptions on what his true form was, some said he was an imposing figure with a wise face. Other's said he had the form of a snake with feminine features. But the most famous ; "Palingene wrote in Zodiaco vitae that as the monarch of hell, was of a prodigious size with a swollen chest & a bloated face with flashing eyes and raised eyebrows. He also gives a menacing aura & sits on a throne surrounded by fire. He is black as a Moor, with large nostrils and 2 horns on his head. He has 2 bat-like wings attached to his shoulders, 2 duck feet, a lion's tail, and is covered from head to foot in shaggy fur."
He wasn't pretty, if you catch my drift.

Physical Description. More often than not most people will notice Beelzebub to be a feline. Usually a coat of black gives him away. A mangy alleycat that wanders up and down the streets and the depths of hell alike, sitting atop his Masters lap(Sammael) purring softly. You can tell its him by the yellow eyes. No matter what form he takes, the eyes remain the same. His human form is that of a corpse. As if it had been dug up from the pale dead skin, the loose black hair and sickly aura he grives off. A mere child of 18. The good die so young. That's why you steal their appearance. No one suspects the dead to rise again, right? For the sake of keeping appearances, he usually wears funeral attire. The suits or dresses the dead had been wearing when they were laid to rest.

Personality. Mischievous. Plays practical and sadistic jokes(David anyone?). He seems to view everything as the same thing; below him. He does not take into consideration of those around him. He doesn't 'feel' and he wouldn't know how. He enjoys chaos and bringing it. He enjoys bringing disease. He likes watching mortals kill one another for idealistical reasons. He won't do anything drastic without the okay from Sammael. He'd do the dirty work for him. He isn't afraid to get his hands bloody, dirty or otherwise. Wild. Vengeful. On a leash. He isn't very political. He won't sit down and have tea. He won't sit down and talk. He's more action. 'Muscle' and 'grunt work'. Give him a task and he'll do it. Some swear they can hear his cackle from down the hall.

Character Strengths. He's loyal above everything else. He'll get the job done and maybe little bit more just for kicks. He plays jokes to get into other peoples heads. He uses this against them, taking their fear and anger and only amlifying it tenfold. He will throw salt in new and old wounds, he will bring up the past. He fights dirty. Plays minds games. Uses his shapeshifting to fool the innocent and pure. Come into my parlor, the spider said to the fly.

Character Flaws. He angers easily. He almost has the same attitude of a small child with a magnifying glass on an anthill. Once the ants figure not to come out of the whole until the little brat is gone he gets angry and destroys the whole thing. He could be considered a loose canon at times.

Physical Strengths. With the shapeshifting he can fool even the angels at times. He has little strength, and relies on his powers to get him all the way through. He'll take the form of a puppy, or even a sall child to lure those into his traps. He uses this well, never taking the same form more than once(save for his cat and human forms.) He plays these parts well, and this is what gets him by.

Physical Weaknesses. Despite being a demon he has limitations to his strength and fighting ability. Taking on different forms doesn't allow you to master their powers too well. He plays on the mind games and such to get him by letting the other demons finish off his victims if he can't do it himself. Having a love to fight can only put him against beings he know he will win against.

Human Background. For Beezy, there is none.

War Politics. Beelzebub as of right now is roaming the earth as a cat. He follows the orders he was given by Sammael which wasn't much for they are waiting to make their move. He is obviously on the opposing side, wanting to take down the winged beauties of the light. He will not stray from his side either. He quite enjoys where he is.

Artillery. None to speak of.

**Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels. Sammael - His master and friend. He is often seen with the man as a cat trailing behind him, on his shoulder or in his lap. He is fiercely loyal to him and will follow his orders without question. David - The poor child he used and abused. He hasn't kept much contact with the child but perhaps he may feel the need to torment the boy more.
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