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Name. K (nothing more, nothing less).
Contact. / heykidWANNADIE @ AIM / hismajestythekinq @ y!m
Age. 18.
Roleplay Experience. Roleplaying for about three years now as various self-complacent assholes.
Journal. chaolann.

Original Name. Charles-Michel Leroux

Condemning Sin. (see Pre-XI Background and history)

'Christian' Name. [King] David.

Physical Description. David has the build of your average ten year old. He is equipped with notable red hair of a dark, scarlet auburn shade that is tousled atop his head and oftentimes falls into glistening hazel eyes. His skin is just starting to get its healthy olive tone back, and various self-inflicted scars resulting from his previous possession are visible only across his chest and back, a very light one along his right cheek.

Personality. As a child, David is naturally obedient to authority. He is wary of his elders, however, because they have been known to take precious things from him, including his parents as well as his 'guardian Angel'. He is usually quite optimistic and blindly trusting of others, however, as he is desperate to please anyone in order to obtain a friend. Most often he forces himself to be brave.

Occassionally, however, the child undergoes fits and bouts of what were previously recognized as his possession tantrums, still-burning dark and unnatural sadistic feelings having been instilled in him through his possession by the demon Beelzebub. More often than not he goes through shrieking rages trying to force his 'friend' back out of him, though is usually susceptible to submission to the demon. It is a tentative uncanny rage and flickering desire for bloodlust that is often triggered, though by what means has still yet to be uncovered, and makes him quite dangerous.

Character Strengths. Because of his possession, David holds several secrets that are Key to the war, as well as a lingering connection between himself and the demons, making him a more-than-excellent asset to the Pope's team. Highly undeveloped as an individual, however, the only thing he has going for him is a promising optimism and compulsory bravery that keeps himself strong, however delusional.

Character Flaws. Unfortunately, however, the boy's unwavering optimism and desire for a friend, his lack of experience and consequent lack of moral convictions make him a vessel of easy manipulation, especially on the part of the Satans, who previously had gotten a hold on him and have easy access to him again. He is also very indecisive on taking any firm stance on the War, particularly because he doesn't understand the immense stakes at hand.

Physical Strengths. Because of his age, he is often underestimated and not taken seriously or even as a threat at all, and can deal some heavy damage under the guidance and remnant ideologies/skills left within him from the demon Beelzebub. Basically, just as his possessor was, he is a trickster.

Physical Weaknesses. Being of such a small stature, he is very fragile and prone to taking some heavy damage easily when one decides that he actually is a threat to be feared.

Historical Role. David is infamous as the slayer of the Philistine Goliath. He had been sent to Bethlehem to entertain Saul, first King of Israel, who was immensely jealous of the heroic worship the boy received in his slaying of the giant. In escaping several of Saul's attempts to kill him, he refused to fight in return and even saved the man's life. When Saul had finally been killed elsewhere in battle, David returned to Judah by the Lord's instruction, and eventual came to be King of Israel. He moved the capital to Jerusalem, as well as the Ark of the Covenant along with it. Despite his immense greatness, eventually the King fell to the corruption of material gain and adultery, his home housed a civil war between family, and after forty years of reign, he eventually died. David is still remembered by Biblical traditions as the heroic boy who would become the greatest king.

Pre-XI Background and history. An evil fallen angel decided to play a game. Lacking a human body of his own and therefore lesser in power, Beelzebub possessed the body of a little French boy, which he manipulated into perpetuating the rapture of massive manslaughter across the nation, whose evidence had always been cleanly destroyed in the Furnace. However, their cover slipped, and the boy was caught red-handed. How such a young child could be capable of such horrid and unfathomable acts of murder in cold blood bewildered the global public, and so the boy had been thrown away into an asylum under heavy sedation. During his time spent in the asylum and with occasional check-up reports on the infamous boy, however, it was revealed that he constantly muttered to himself repeatedly over the secrets of a 'War' and 'being of like Creation with the Angel Beelzebub'. Highly suspicious of this, the Pope immediately arranged the boy's journey to the Vatican for an exceptional exorcism, and the boy was finally at rest. He was eventually released, though sent immediately to the hospital for violent self-inflicted injuries he suffered during his spells. The Pope had it arranged for the French media to release a story covering the boy's death through a frustrated and maniacally desperate parent driven mad by the helpless state of her son. This story spread like wildfire across the globe, providing tragic closure for the boy who suffered so immensely. However, the boy is still alive and quite well, even if tweaked a bit.

War Politics. None. Despite the Vatican taking away his only friend because 'Beelzebub' was capable of forcing David to do 'mean and unfair things' for which David would consequently suffer, he has yet to view any being, human or Divine, by their moral convictions, as he is willing to give everyone an equal chance because everyone is a candidate for friendship. He often just does as he is told, whether it be by a Devil or an Angel, and the only authority that overrides all else is that of his former 'guardian' Beelzebub.

Artillery. While keeping in tune with traditions of his past, David of the Sixth Battalion trades in a slingshot for a more deadly device used for launching projectiles. He is equipped with a crescent-shaped blade nearly as long as the boy himself, both ends razor-sharp and thinly lined with diamonds—luxurious enough for a king—for piercing through objects even as strong as metal. Also allowed him are the projectiles themselves; instead of his stones of the past, he is able to fabricate a synthetic string, so thin it is almost invisible to the human eye excepting an occasional gleam that flickers mischievously off it. As a result of being a previous channel of Beelzebub's power, he is able to launch magic in the form of sparks or sometimes eletric bolts, or other smaller weapons like darts and daggers he can conjure out of everyday items, a trick taught to him by the Sixth.

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