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Name. Ana
Contact. anachan_kudou@hotmail.com (also my MSN). Moridaewen is my AIM contact.
Age. 25. Vaguely mature.
Roleplay Experience. The majority of my online rpg experience has been in the Harry Potter universe. I've been rping online for 7 years, and tabletop for far longer.
Journal. ryumaxwell is my personal journal.

Original Name. Azazel
Original Dominion. Azazel is attributed with leading both angels and humans astray, by giving humans knowledge they shouldn't have had, like how to work precious stones, make instruments of war, and cosmetics, and angels by teaching some humans how to seduce angels. He's one of the first to fall, and is also given credit for the fall of Eve. He's sly, able to figure out exactly what would tempt someone the most, and then finds a way to offer it to them. He is also described as a dragon, or a bird, and could have the ability to shapeshift (into a raven, if that's okay with the mods). His dominion was over sin and forbidden knowledge. Hell, apparently, is inside his stomach, which is full of fire.
Original Rank. Angel (Seraphim, I believe, based off of how many wings he's described as having)
Loyalty Status. Rebel, always has been, always will be.
Number/Description of Wings. 6 wings, dark grey with black markings, somewhat tattered.
Physical Description. 5'11", shoulder-blade length black hair with a tendancy to curl. Somewhat middle eastern in appearance, with a goatee. Green eyes. 34 years old, prefers to wear dark colors. Very attractive, in a dark "I know more than you ever will", supremely confident and somewhat arrogant sort of way.
Personality. Crafty, sly, smooth-talker. He's capable of talking his way out of just about every situation, and enjoys causing mayhem and chaos (although he doesn't like it when it affects him). Hedonistic, too, with a certain disregard for life.
Character Strengths. His ability to turn attention away from himself, and his knowledge of the psyche, what drives people and what tempts them. He's also very very smart.
Character Flaws. He is very self-confident (which is also a strength), believing that he's too smart to get caught in a trap of his own devising, and were he ever to lose his cool, he could easily be goaded into doing things he shouldn't.
Physical Strengths. Azazel is the leader of the Watchers, a group of angels he set up for a fall by helping humans make themselves beautiful, and thus seduce the angels. He tends to take a very shadowy role in things, watching from the sidelines, giving anonymous tips rather than come out in the open. His leadership means very little to him, and isn't something he trades on often, as he'd rather stay "uninvolved" with things.
Physical Weaknesses. Lack of strength. Azazel is not a fighter. If it came down to a hand to hand fight, he would lose, and badly. He's fast, smart, and not above using underhanded techniques, but he's not a soldier, or a warrior. His arrogance, as well, is a major weakness.
Human Background. Azazel is currently living in London under the name Ashton Tenare, managing the gentleman's club Francesca, owned by Lucifer. Managing the strip club part of it, rather. A ladies' man, a gentleman's best friend, and doing it all for his own amusment. He attended Oxford University and has a doctorate in medeival literature.
War Politics. Azazel...is...not so much part of the war. He holds himself apart from it, playing one side against the other, just to see what will happen.
Artillery. He can, if threatened, shift his shape to that of a bird, and also to a formless state where he can envelope things whole, transporting them to Hell.

**Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels. As a side note - Raphael supposedly bound Azazel beneath sharp rocks in a desert in Egypt. Also, Lucifer and Azazel "met" in college, hence why Azazel is working for him now.
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