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Name: Kate. Anthy-love. Anything is fine but Kate is what I'm known as.

Contact: Aim:Demonic Kyo07

Age: 17 but I'm close enough to buy porn. I think that’s good, right?

Roleplay Experience: Over 7-8 years. I use to be on Aol and then got msn and was on lj rp boards. I've been with a couple Revolutionary Girl Utena's, an X one, a million here and there.

Journal: My journal is Trashsocialite, and this is my Lilith journal.


Character Name: Lilith, the first wife

Physical Description: Lilith is a sweet innocent girl of the age of 19. She has pure alabaster, porcelain white skin, she had rich blood red hair which is worn up and curled in the style of those she idolized as a child such as Betty Paige and other such pin up girls of the 50’s . Her eyes are a rich green since she has Irish blood in her. She's a modest height of 5'4" and is 5'7" with heels on. Lilith also has a few nice little tattoo's adorning her body as she rebelled as a child. Two of the major ones is that she has a pair of cherries tattooed on the side of her neck. Another is a picture of two twin girls upon her back which is depictures them praying and crying tears of blood as they cling to each other. A feature that makes her seem like a sinful little treat to many men as they find the art work surreal and almost forbiden.

Historical Role: Lilith is known as the first wife as Adam. She rebelled against God and quarreled with Adam and fled to hell where she became a demon and the wife of Satan. She gave birth to a demon children known as Jinn.

Character Background: Lilith was an average child. She was born after her mother was raped by a rather wealthy business man who took care of the pair to keep them quiet about the affair. Because of this her mother developed a case of serious depression and anxiety which cause Lilith great pain as her mother used her as an outlet for her rage and blamed everything on the poor child. Soon her mother grew too sick to live in a normal home and was sent to a mental hospital where Lilith was passed onto her father. A man that only saw women as possession and used them as he wished which he made very clear to Lilith. Lilith hated her father and so she rebelled. She only passed high school was because her father paid the teachers off. Soon Lilith ran away from home and fell into hard times. She became a drug addict and did anything to get high which got her in trouble with a drug dealer. She was driven to stealing to try and pay for more of the drugs she wanted that’s when she meet the Madame. The owner of a well known Whore house known as the Hotel of the Sinful which is located in a small private sexual district of London. Taken in by the Madame who taught her that she didn’t need drugs and paid off her debts, she soon rise to be a well known hooker and a favorite of many business men. Here she looks after the other girls and guides them so they don’t fall into any true trouble like she had been in once.

Personality: Because of her once past self Lilith is a wicked smartass. She talks back, says what’s on her mind and takes no prisoners. Since she quarreled with the very Creator himself this quality has been apart of her present day self, that which is the need to stand alone and do what makes her happy. The only person who can quiet her tongue and make her crawl on her knees is Satan himself. Other then that she feels no need to feel indebt to anyone and makes sure she isn’t after living with her Father who made sure to let her know everyday that he was doing this huge favor for herself and she better be damn thankful for it. This also made her unafraid of men and the power they hold over women since she never wanted to be a victim herself so she took control of herself so no men could make her afraid. There is no real differences between her and her past incarnate except for the fact that Lilith has no idea who she was. The only time Lilith remembers anything is through intense flashbacks which are said to be caused by intense seizures.

Character Strengths: Lilith stands up for herself. She knows how to survive in the real world. She also knows how to protect herself. She takes what she likes and discards anything that doesn’t fancy her. Just like in the Garden of Eden she will quarrel with whoever hurts anyone she cares for. Which basically applies to anyone that hurts or tries to do anything to the girls she looks after in the Hotel of the Sinful as if she was the mother she never had.

Character Flaws: She's a hooker? Isn't that a flaw? No, in all honest Lilith has a tongue and knows how to use it to spark wars. She feels that she must take care of the girls around her and so she will stand up to the roughest, toughest varmint (wait, wrong time pd) but let's say she can stand up to any crime boss and bring him down to his knees. One way or another. Another is that she had some runs in with coke and other such nasty drugs and every now and then has a relapse back into her days and is known to once more try and lick a line of coke if she's desperate.

Magic Specialty: Because Lilith was a demon it's only natural that a bit of her past life came slinking into her present life as a low down women of the night. Lilith was granted with the gift of fire, a power she can only use in major frightening experiences such as life threatening ones. It's a power that can only be sparked when her body is thrown into chaos.

**Relationships with Other Humans: She only really has a relationship with the other girls in the whore house along side her. She also has a few customers that she is warm too and sees them as an equal. Her other relationship is with Satan himself because she was once his wife. Also with Adam because she was his wife also but she has no real idea who these two are just yet. Only in flashbacks that she has from time to time.
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