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Roleplay Experience.
I have played Touga in livejournal roleplaying games for the past year and a half, originally rose_unfolding on lj, and china_roses on gj most notably.  I have done Fushigi Yuugi games (playing Soi and Hotohori) for the past year at fushugiyugi_rpg and Fy_shinsei. I have also played Gilderoy Lockhart and Filius Flitwick at an AU Pirate Hogwarts game (brilliant that!) and Flitwick in a horridly fannish game >.< painpainpain. Prior to that I did table top gaming for 2 years, and AOL chat room roleplay for 4 or 5 years prior to that even. I also used to play space cases with my babysitter’s club dolls. :D I found out I could color stacy’s hair and make her Suzee. ^_^ and Claudia worked for… um… I guess Catalina or my little girl head Mary Sues. ….do you ever look back at yourself as a child and find strange fetishes femmeslash in your way of playing with dolls?  That happens to me ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I mean, I feel like I must have been one of the kids in Brave New World playing sex games in the bushes at age 6…. Fortunately I’ve repressed it if I was ever one. …I’ll shut up now ^_^;;

Aka_mamushi (lj). Uriel’s will be something along the lines of “principle_of_light”.  Some reference to “acuity” or… “thesunneversets”

Original Name.
Uriel—“Fire of God”

Original Dominion. Uriel—dominion over Sun, Light, and Fire. Thunder and Terror [Book of Enoch]. Known as the  Prince of the Sun, Angel of Presence, Angel of Music, Archangel of Salvation, Master of Tartarus, and the Patron of Prophecy (among other titles).

Original Rank. Uriel has been described as both a cherubim in his defense of Eden and a seraphim in other sources.  For simplicity’s sake, I shall take him as a seraphim, as that seems the more common interpretation of him. He is one of the seven throne angels, however, the Church in 745 made him a Saint as opposed to an archangel for fear of the growing fascination among the faithful with the archangels. Names given by men—even religious men—do little to effect the truth of his archangel status.

Loyalty Status. Strongly a loyalist. During the war, Uriel was one of the four leaders of the “War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness,” commanding a battalion of armed men against the Fallen [Dead Sea Scrolls]. From other sources, I have gathered him to be an extremely capable and zealous general [In Nomine, ^_^; some RPG]. He has always been one of god’s most trusted and capable angels, having been delegated to guard both Eden and Sheol.

Number/Description of Wings. Six, bright white wings, bordering almost on gold. Large, but almost amorphous as if made of light.

Physical Description. ”I have come down to earth to make my dwelling among men, and I am called Jacob by name [Pseudapigrapha]”

Jacob Broman is 54 years old. A bit round in the face save for a square jaw. His once blonde, is a soft, slightly oranged silver, like a sunset reflected in a pint glass. He has small, but sharp and active startling blue eyes. His mouth creases into a firm frown as easily as a bright smile. Age has given him both laugh lines and a furrowed brow. A broken nose from his youth has flattened his nose, healed crooked. Fortunately still a full head of hair.  His left hand shakes slightly, but he fires with his right which is still as steady as the day Adam fell. He is bit overweight and about to be pulled from the beat due to his age, but he is in excellent condition for it. He is relatively tall, and often seems taller than he truly is. He has a rough brogue.

Personality. To the Archangel Uriel, there is nothing if not Divine Will. Jacob stands for Justice, is obsessed with his work. The fact that the London Police require officers over 55 to withdraw from the active beat is a devastation to his of his identity as a mortal, built around law enforcement. He infuriates his superiors sometimes, not afraid to eschew protocol if it contradicts his moral code. But he gets results—damn good results.

He is a devout Catholic. Serious, dour, and goal-oriented. He knows why after centuries of existence in the celestial realm, he has been called back to earth. He also knows that he is not the only divine being in London, ever watchful of the movements of Lucifer, he is like a predator lying in wait for the moment the Fallen angel makes a single move. An angel of Redemption as much as Condemnation. He will not let the gates of Tartarus open for any reason. For this guarded reason, he has never had a lasting relationship, too stubborn and determined to allow himself to get close to anyone. He has God, for whom his love cannot be compromised. He knows a mortal lover would do nothing but distract him from his goal.  

He has a dog named Barnabus, a mutt that looks like a golden lab. That’s his family. On some level he relates to his colleagues on the police force

He’ll never admit it, but he likes to paint. 

Character Strengths. He has always been known for a sharp eye and an even sharper mind. Though he never went to college, his family not the most able to afford it, he really had no need to. Agile, strong, (divine helps too), and already keenly intelligent, he did not see how a college education would benefit him. Out of school, he went straight into the Belfast police force. He is determined and dedicated, reliable and solid. He is stoic to the point of emotion, but can easily be set on a spiral towards zealous indignation. He does not approach cruelty, but will show no mercy to any that have fallen. In two words: Intelligence, Tenacity.

Character Flaws. To Uriel, there is nothing if not Divine Will. Jacob supports the law, having worked in it for nearly forty years, He is a harsh judge of right and wrong, severe, even cold, at times when he encounters wrongdoing,  He apes humanity, wanting to protect them as God’s beloved, if flawed, creations,  but a part of him can never understand them. He sometimes runs the risk of justifying actions against humanity as “for their own good.” His zeal has not mellowed with age (for what is 54 years, even in a mortal body, to an immortal being?), but he is better about controlling it. He does care for his dog ^_^;;  

However, when it comes down to the bottom line, there is only one man—or three—whom he will trust.

Physical Strengths.
He has excellent vision, even in the lowest of light. He is an excellent shot, having learned to use his sight to advantage as a marksman. “The sharpest sighted spirit in all of Heaven will miss nothing. Physically he is weaker, he is older, but his organs all are still in top working order, he can run, and he is trained in self-defense. Moreover, his control over fire and light can be used to his advantage, if for nothing else but as a distraction while he regroups.

Physical Weaknesses.
At the age of thirty-seven, he was shot in the shoulder while on duty. His left arm is weaker, his left hand trembles, and he still has pain from the attack. Moreover, his human body is no longer as spry and strong as it once was. Though he is in good health, he is still a 54 year old man. He can run, jump, and fight if need be, but no where near in the manner he once could. He could most likely take a armed mortal without assistance or divine power, but against another divine being, would be forced to rely on magic and wit.

Human Background.
Jacob Broman was born in Belfast, his mother from farming stock and his father a grocer. He was the oldest of 6 kids and even from an early age, took on much of the responsibility for raising them as his mother worked at a diner and his father ran the grocery store. He was a sharp student in school, consciencious but very much off in his own world. Teachers sometimes complained that he seemed not to be paying attention. He was emotionally distant and absorbed in thought even as a child, though his eyes have always kept a sharp stare in them.

Upon graduating, he stayed in Belfast, but went to police academy where he discovered his knack for sharpshooting and honed his physical attributes, something which came easily to him. In his spare time, he loves to read. As he grew older, he began to distance himself from his family, not to injure them, but because he embraced his role and knew that bystanders would be injured inadvertently.  

His parents both died, within a year of each other, when he was in his thirties. He never shed a tear. It is not that he is emotionless; but a large part of him, though he was one of the first angels to become mortal, will never fully understand what it is to be human. He cannot comprehend imperfection.

He quickly advanced in rank in the police force, suffering the above mentioned shot to the shoulder at 37 which did put him out of commission for several months. He recovered quickly. He still visited his siblings from time to time, but by this time, had nearly completely withdrawn into his job. Despite attempts to set him up, he was still alone. He was not unhappy for it. 

He moved to London at 48 and has been there since. I believe most everything else has been covered somewhere in this application, please view relationships with other angels. &hearts;

War Politics.
Uriel has no mercy for any demon. He is fully aware of his role in the war in the past and is willing to undertake and supports any action that is required to vanquish the Fallen and close off Hell. He is only awaiting a sign and he will leap into action.

He is skilled with firearms, not terribly useful against divine beings, but a skill nonetheless. Jacob draws his strength from light, even to the point where he keeps a light on to sleep. It is not a fear of the darkness, but a constant reminder of the light. If he wishes to channel his energy into his aura, he has the ability to invoke dread, or even terror in mortals. He is quite foreboding even to other divine beings when piqued. He can manipulate fire, even producing it in small amounts by raising his body temperature enough. When he has his sword and does this, it becomes a flaming sword like that he used to defend eden.

Uriel does not cast a shadow.

**Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels.
As to other Angels, I have no clue. He is in London, mostly due to an encounter 5 years ago on a tube car with a man whom he immediately recognized as Lucifer. An Sargeant of the Belfast Police Squad, in London for a required conference, he immediately requested a transfer upon returning home—quite atypical. He has been in London for the past five years, still learning the city though he catches on quickly. However, he has not made any attempt to contact Lucifer, though he keeps a sharp eye, and ear in the Fallen Seraph’s direction at all times.

He views Gabriel as a woman in her mid forties with straight strawberry blonde hair, brown eyes wrinkled with good nature, and a slightly stocky frame. He actually views Gabriel as a woman he knew, Madeline Brewer. She was his partner on for nearly 10 years on the Dublin police squad before she was killed one night in the light of duty. Jacob's M.O. as a human was to never let anyone get to close, but Madeline, "Maddy," through a combination of her serious manner, and easy disposition, did over time, work her way through a few layers of his armour. Friends would be the closest word to describe them; but their relationship was something much more than that, and also less. Distance from YHWH, isolation from his fellow archangels, and demands of his human body have created an innate sort of loneliness in Uriel, though by and large, he can suppress this with his dedication and zeal. For all of him that will never be human, Maddy seemed to understand him--a little. He will most likely loathe that what he most desires is the woman he accidentally let close to him while on an inexplicable level be somewhat comforted and relieved by her presence. He has visited her grave, something he never did with his parents.

I realise we just had a Uriel application, but I was 80% done with Uriel when I was informed someone else was applying, I thought I'd give him a try anyhow Especially since human applicationss have been temporarily halted. Let me know if anything seems off balance or improper. I'm fairly enamoured with my little chappie, but I did have issue taking the multiple accounts of Uriel into account. I'm pleased with the synthesis.

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