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The sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.


Name. Jesi. Chani. Depends on how realistic you want to be. Chani is my online alias. Jesi is my shortened appellation. I'll answer to whichever is easiest for the mods.
Contact. My e-mail is My generic AIM name is thecookiechicky.
Age. 20.
Roleplay Experience. I have played tabletop games since I was six or seven, I believe. Online, I have played an original Sailor Senshi (... I think she was online...), Kianara (an OC in a HP RPG), an AU Nightcrawler (in an X-Men universe game), Percy (in a VERY short-lived HP RPG), Kizuhana (an original character in an AU Utena game), and a couple that I think I am missing. If you desire links, I shall attempt to provide them. Most of the games are long since dead, and I'm not sure if I can find all of them. ^_^
Journal. My personal LJ is chani_sama. As soon as I can come up with a suitable name, I will be making a journal for this game.


Original Name. Mephistopheles
Original Dominion. He can control the shadows, effecting changes in the shapes, density, and corporeality of them. He cannot create shadows if there are none, but can manipulate existing shadows to suit his means, whether that be to create weaponry or to make one seem more menacing by the shadow they bear. One can always tell if he is manipulating shadows by a fall of dark purple sparkles from his hands; the brighter they are indicating just how hard he is concentrating on his work. The shadows that he has manipulated, if one were to stare at them for long enough, would also glitter softly with said sparkles.
Original Rank. Seraphim.
Loyalty Status. Before the Fall: unfailingly loyal. One of the seraphim always in his presence; after the Fall: the uncaring nature of the creator drove him to ally himself with Sammael and the others. A rebel with no plans or ideas of changing sides.
Number/Description of Wings. He originally had six wings, bright and white. After his fall, the wings lost their luminescense, becoming black as night, indeed seeming to absorb all light. They survived unscathed, besides the loss of light. When he heard that Sammael had lost half his wings, sorrow overcame him. How could he, a follower, not suffer the same fate as his leader? Though it caused him great pain, he removed some of his own wings, leaving him with just four. Despite the fact that the wounds on his back hurt almost constantly, he does not regret his decision. It is a sign to all he has no intention of returning.
Physical Description. (This is especially amusing upon second look, especially considering what his human name means. Danika Renee, the morning star reborn. I meant it as a joke, one that he could laugh with Lucifer about..... *sighs* I did not mean to infringe on anyone else's creativity, and I hope it is not taken as such.) He is tall, somewhere in the range of 5'10"-5'11", and lanky with an air of unassuming strength, looking in the range of 21-25. He is pale upon pale, with ivory skin one can see the blueness of veins through, and hair falling to the middle of his back that is as white as newly-fallen snow. His eyes show that he is not properly albino, and that there in his eyes is where the coloration of his entire body lies. Black and red, and shades thereof, as changeable as his moods may be, and, in fact, they can be used as indicators of his moods. The eyes are to him his proof of the knowledge that rests in his mind, that he is one not of this world. He is possessed with a beauty recognizable by both men and women, that is also seen as one not to be touched. He is also female in human form, with a androgynous look to him so that one may be confused as to his human gender. He has a bad habit of colorizing his hair with temporary dyes, often in strange combinations. He is often seen in clothes that give no indication of gender, though his favorite is a fitted, pure white suit with a ruffly crimson-red shirt. He will, on occasion, wear more feminine clothes, or specialized make-up, while in the guise of his daytime persona, and never wears the suit while playing Danika. She will never be seen with the oddly colored hair he is fond of, instead wearing a highly realistic, heavily secured, dark golden-brown wig of a similar length to his natural hair.
Personality. He seems impulsive, sometimes to the point of being stupidly rash, though almost all his actions are premeditated in some way. He is a deliberate strategist, despite the sincere haphazardness of his plans which gives him the image of impulsiveness. In many ways, the very discord of his plans is what makes them work, as he is also a swift thinker and can easily counter-plan against wrenches or replan on the fly. A strange counterpart to his planning nature is his extreme loyalty. If he makes a promise, it will be kept. All the same, he does not promise his loyalty easily. This lends a certain air of trustworthiness about him, as well as one of confidentiality. Unlike some, he does not revel in wanton distruction, instead planning all his escapades for fullest effect. A plan that has caused him much trouble in pulling off will give him the greatest satisfaction, and he loves to see them come to full fruition, wanting to be there when it happens. He is, and definately can be seen as, a trickster, pulling pranks on everyone equally, but always to serve his purposes.

Character Strengths. His best strengths are the main facets of his personality: the strategist and the loyalist. If one can bring his loyalty to your side, you have a brilliant militaristic strategist on your side, nigh unto permantently. This is besides the fact that once you have his loyalty, you have one of the staunchest allies you can ever find.
Character Flaws. His seeming unpredictability could cause many to assume he is a slacker or completely unstable, thereby casting some doubt upon his reliability. Also, the very loyalty that is his greatest asset could also be his greatest downfall. If a promise is given, he must keep it.
Physical Strengths. Just as his mind is swift, so too is his body, being able to react lightning-fast to anything. A side-affect to him removing his wings is his extreme tolerance to pain of any kind. Many a time, with a shift in the shadows, he will seem larger, more assuming, without anyone being able figure out why.
Physical Weaknesses. The most obvious weakness is in his human gender. She may be swifter and lighter, but one may easily overcome her in a contest of strength. She is able to hold her own in a fight, but not for the length of time a man might be able to.
Human Background. Born to the wealthy Donovan family as a girl named Danika Renee, he started his life with a succession of near-misses to his own death. Improper food, careless nurses, her mother's mind snapping and attempting to kill her, both parents suiciding and trying to take her with them... The list goes on. Finally ending up in the care of the state, with many legal documents that stated her parents' estate would be hers upon coming of age. Many families did not like the near-albino girl, despite the fact of the resources in her name, because her eyes were almost always completely black at that point in her life. One highly Christian family did choose to adopt her, choosing to leave her with her original name intact. Someone did not want her to be born on earth, that is what she was often told as she was raised by them, that the Devil knew how important she would be and wanted her not to live, a statement that always caused laughter as she grew older. Being raised in that family was a pain, forced to go to church and listen to the warped doctrine that was classified as religion on this earth. Still, she knew it was temporary and endured, making plans all the while. As a middle-schooler, she finally set into motion one of her longer-lasting plans, and within a year was head of the local gang. From there, she used them to conquer most of the area she lived in, making it one of the more powerful crime syndicates by the time she entered high school. Most of the rebellious students in high school knew of her connection to the Silver (as that was the name of the syndicate), but none questioned her after Danika's first heckler, talking of her being nothing but a member's slut, was found dead in the canal the next day. None questioned her power or ability to control them, and the lesson was learned. Despite the enormity of her secondary life, her family nor the federal officials never connected the leader of the Silver to her. After all, the leader was most obviously a man, despite any remarkable simalarities in appearance to Danika. None in Silver but her second-in-command knew of her existance as a woman. She graduated at the top of her class, and moved on to college, to better keep her dual life under cover. When she came of age, she finally divested herself of the troublesome family that, as of late, had been pestering her to join their church in full, moving to the Donovan estate and ruling the Silver from there. She has no remarkable acquaintances besides that of her family and her second, who is also her main lover. She has a few 'friends' in her daytime life, but she is not truly close to them. She has grown to adore the Arts, and as such, her home is full of pieces of statuary and paintings, musical instruments that she knows how to play, and wall upon wall of books, many in foreign languages that she can indeed read.
War Politics. His opinion has not changed since he fell, and has in no way changed since he was born into this world. He holds with singleminded fastness to the promise he made, and will keep it no matter the cost to himself. Every plan he makes works toward the time where he shall be able to keep his promise and destroy the regime of the creator. He has yet to ally himself to the Fallen reborn on earth, despite the fact he knows he is their general, seeking a time when it is most advantageous for him to bring his power to bear upon the efforts. Still, he is currently working, in his own way, to further their purposes.
Artillery. He uses what he has, and feels he needs nothing else.

**Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels. He was not particularly close to any in the heavens, but for one, who is now dead. It was this that triggered him to promise his revenge against the one who caused it and to ally himself on the side of the Fallen. Even amongst them, he had no special closeness to any of them, offering respect to those who deserved it, disdain to those who didn't. Only the leaders of the rebellion were safe from his pranks, and the rest grew annoyed by his seemingly devil-may-care attitude.

*bows lightly* Thank you for your consideration.
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