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Protracted & Much-Needed Update / Please Read.

Present-Day Storyline

As originally outlined, the present-day storyline will consist of three main parties: the Devils, processing their Anti-Messiah and plotting their final Revolution; the Angels, attempting to seal away the Devils forever and put an end to the War at last; and the XI, working ambiguously for the Pope to restore human power over their earthly domain. The lesser party consists of reincarnated humans, though their position and importance in the game has now increased.

There now exist four parties with different objectives. As you should all be aware, the main storyline will begin and be restricted to, for the most part, Rome in Italy. It is here where most of the sacred objects and holy places will be concentrated. What happens now is that both divine sides are going to try to obtain these sacred objects and seal them away in a selected site. These sites will serve as pillars for whichever stronghold/objective that is trying to be obtained. Allow me to explain further.

Devils. The Devils’ objectives are to finish the creation of their Anti-Messiah, as well as reestablish their own counter-kingdom on earth and open an entryway to Earth straight from Hell in an effort to eventually consume the Earth as a whole and completely destroy and violate all that YHWH has created in the process of making it theirs. Really long run-on sentence, but in short, there will be five sacred objects that will be necessary to seal away five pagan pillars to open up the gateway of hell on Earth.

Angels. The Angel’s objectives are, obviously, to stop the agenda of the Devils by first sealing away the Gates of Heaven. While they are not necessarily opened, should the Devils be able to find the Angels’ sacred objects (these are the holy objects, as opposed to the Devils’ pagan objects), it will be more than easy for them to reenter Paradise against YHWH’s decree of their eternal banishment. The Angels must obtain their holy objects to seal away the Gates and ensure there is no possible entry for the Devils. In turn, they must seal away the pagan pillars as well, to eternally lock away all Fallen individuals from ever emerging from their infernal prison once the War is finally over.

Allow me to simplify this in bullet form.

  • must finish Anti-Messiah project through harvesting human cosmos through slaughter
  • must seal five Pagan pillars (sites and objects) to unleash Hell on Earth
  • must seal five Holy pillars (sites and objects) to gain entryway to Paradise
  • must annihilate the five archangels

  • must annihilate the five arch demons
  • must seal five Holy pillars (sites and objects) to close unauthorized entry to Paradise
  • must seal five Pagan pillars (sites and objects) to seal away Hell from breaking loose
  • must restore human cosmos through the destruction of the Anti-Messiah

    Pillars, Holy and Pagan.
    I know this part may be more than confusing. Each ‘pillar’ for a certain stronghold, either the Gates of Hell or Heaven, must be sealed. That is, an object must be ceremoniously fastened to a selected matching holy place (these will gradually be disclosed throughout the game) and sealed with the reincarnated human bearer’s blood. Whomever performs this action over the site with the object claims that pillar for their site. Whether it be a Pagan or Holy pillar is dependent upon the place, which will be disclosed throughout the story of the game.

    It is not at all that complicated. There will indeed be fights between the divine parties. Angels, by Law, may not enter sealed pagan sites, and Devils may not enter sealed Holy sites.

    Obviously all five pillars will not be properly sealed by their patron’s party, so what is the point? Clearly not all five Pagan pillars will be sealed by Devils, and not all holy ones by Angels. And so, humans come into play! Amazing.

    Reincarnated Humans. Reincarnated humans are the bearers of these sacred objects. Obviously they hold more importance than the average human, which is why each reincarnation should possess some ability to hold against Divine entities. While they naturally won’t be a total match against Devils or Angels, they must at least have enough power to defend themselves. What each reincarnated human should expect is a good chunk of repetitive harassment. Reincarnated humans must first bear the sacred object in question. Whether or not they give birth to it for the Devils or for the Angels is entirely up to the human being. What’s more is that, once a pillar for either side has been sealed, a reincarnated human may be able to cancel the seal to give it to the opposing side at the cost of their life (if not already taken). This may only be performed once, obviously. Once humans have sacrificed their sacred object, they are powerless.

    Again, in bullets.

  • bearers of sacred objects
  • must voluntarily surrender the sacred object to a desiring Divine party
  • sacred objects may be violently forced from human if reluctant to surrender it, risking their life
  • must shed at least only a minimal amount of blood to seal a pillar
  • becomes powerless once sacred object is surrendered
  • may cancel a sealed pillar to offer sacred object to opposing Divine cause at risk of life

    It will be interesting to see how each side will decide when enough reincarnated blood is shed on a pillar to seal it.

    Sixth Battalion. And finally, the final party of the group, the Sixth Battalion of the Pope himself. Each one is sworn to unquestioning service to the holy emperor, who has yet to disclose which side he will be working for. His main concern is restoring both pagan and holy objects back into human power, or at least, back into the control of the Vatican. Which side he is taking is quite ambiguous, and probably will remain so for quite a chunk of the story, though for now it can be assumed that they are working on the side of the Angels to help seal away Evil eternally. All Xi members need to be concerned with is following the Pope’s orders. Naturally this may induce some conflict depending on each XI member’s history as a reincarnated human as well as their politics on the war.


    Additional Divine Characters
    I’ve also taken the liberty of introducing three more divine characters: namely, Metatron (the voice of God, supposed highest ranking angel), Belial (demon prince), and Semyaza (one of two prime leaders of the Grigori/Watchers who misled humanity and induced the Flood). While they need not be directly affiliated with one party or the other, they will take their initial expected stands (Semyaza may eventually choose to be Fallen instead of his silent neutrality) and will have their own developed war politics. Application approval of these characters will be highly-selective. Applicants may choose whether or not their characters will be actual fighters in the Battle, though these aforementioned figures are expected to be able to have a prominent role in the story and influence it.

    Once enough human characters have been created, we will also be opening up other divine positions to characters of lesser angels and lesser demons, but this will not be in effect for some time until the story has at least gotten a good pacing and maintains an equilibrium concerning human and divine characters.

    Human Characters
    The nature of human characters for this particular storyline has indeed changed: all humans will be reincarnations of prominent biblical/accepted theological figures and will, from the start, have knowledge of their former existence. Human reincarnations may choose to have a blurred memory of their origin, whether it be from their upbringing or other conditions which may have caused them to force themselves to forget their history. Regardless, human beings should possess the knowledge of which holy object they are bearing and be able to pick up on hints about the War starting now, for which they should somewhat be prepared or at least already have lined out their politics and stance on it. I’m more than certain the divine characters will help reawaken human memories.

    For more information of human characters, read the above Lj-cut concerning the Game Plan.

    In a Nutshell
    Both Divine parties must work to get reincarnated humans to bear their sacred object in order to seal the pillars of the Gates of Heaven and Hell alike. Devils may seal holy pillars in an attempt to gain access to Heaven and seal pagan pillars to unleash Hell on Earth. Angels may seal holy pillars to close unauthorized entryway into Paradise and seal pagan pillars to lock away the Fallen in Hell once and for all. Reincarnations must choose which side they will work for, but will become powerless without their sacred objects. The XI should obey the strict order of the Pope, even if he decrees seemingly blasphemous action. The five ArchDemons want to kill the five ArchAngels, and vice versa, for an easy way to end the War. Reincarnations and humans are necessary for both the Creation and Destruction of the Anti-Messiah, as well as the sealing away of Paradise and Hell.

    Please remember this is not the entire focus of the game. Things are susceptible to change depending upon character development, individually and collectively, as well accepted roles in the game, etc. etc.


    I promise it will not even be as confusing as it sounds right now.
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