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Name. Katie (anthy-love)

Contact. E-mail: Broken_Lolita@msn.com Aim: Demonic kyo07


Roleplay Experience. Millions, like I've said before, for about 8-9 years now and I've been in tons of rp's with the lovely mod of Sammy.

Journal. trashsocialite


Original Name. Belial, "The worthless", one of the Four-crown Princes of Hell.

Original Dominion. Prestigious Fallen and a chief of demon warriors and was known to rule fifty legions of demons. His main weapon is illusions. He is able to wrap humans inside of illusions of grandeur to gain their trust and love. The only way he can use these illusions though is to use sacred scrolls given to him. To use the scrolls he must set them up in a certain area and use the spell given to them. This eliminates some places he can use it but he can set up a small area where he can trap his opponent and use the element of surprise. He is a smooth talker and likes to speak in riddles to lure people into his web.

Original Rank. Angel

Loyalty Status. Before the Fall: Belial was identified first with an angel of confusion and lust, and it is said that Belial was the first of the fallen angels to be thrown out of heaven. after the Fall: rebel.

Number/Description of Wings. Belial has seven black wings that are made of leather material, each is a representation of the deadly sins that he is known to be the original creator of.

Physical Description. Belial in this time and age is a young boy of the age of 17, he is very skinny and very pale in complexion. He is 5'6 in height and only 130 pounds. His hair is jet black and strands adorn his smooth girlish face while some is spiked in the back, it is as if he has the similar appearance to a crow. His eyes are a bright shade of crystal blue because of his Swedish background.

Personality. Belial personality is very split. It is as if he has two people living inside one body. As a human Belial is very into himself and never likes to speak when he is at school. He is very opinionated because of the truths that he knows unlike those around him who he only sees as fools. When he does speak as a human he is soft spoke and only speaks of things he knows so he is seen as a goody good. He is also mislabeled as ‘stuck up’ for these faults. He likes to play riddles with people and enjoys games of any kinds greatly. When he was a boy his mother and him would play chess for hours which helped improve and sharpen his mind greatly so he was seen as very smart from a young age. Yet, when Belial switches into his demonic self he is very cocky and very sexual. Belial lives for human pleasures and enjoys dancing and drinking. He speaks down to people and believes he is higher then any of them this is how he gained the loyalty of local club goers who bend to his will.

Character Strengths. Again Belial is very good with his words and twisting peoples to use it against them. With this kind of word play he can make most people fall in love with him and do as he tells them too. He also is very good at winning games and uses this against people by making them bet what is precious to them. That is why Belial infiltrated a small club, taking over its social scene and bending the poor people’s mind to his will, creating a small army for him to play with at any time. Creating this “secret society” he uses them to gain information about the war and when it will start. He also sends them to do his more physically dirty jobs to make them test their loyalty to him and his cause.

Character Flaws Belial’s downfall really was the fact that he gave into lust and let this destroy him. While working away at the pillars of the Lord he is known to be very sexual and feeds his sexual appetite more then focusing on things at hands. He also has much Pride and is known as the Prince of pride and will act blindly if his pride is hurt in any way. It is his pride in his physical attributes also that makes him forget the task at hands and led to his downfall by being more concern over such trivial matters.

Physical Strengths. Belial is known as the grand master of illusions. For this he worked hard at his task and is able to blend in with his surroundings. He can hide when there is danger about and can spy on others using tracking methods. He also is agile and can run very quickly because of his slim lithe frame giving him an ability to escape from sticky situations. He is a master at figure out game plans and because of being the general of legions of demons he

Physical Weaknesses. Because of being thin and lanky Belial has little to no strength, he can not move heavy objects or really fight fist to fist. It is these weakness that caused him to learn to hide and rely on his legion that he created from innocent club goers.

Human Background. Belial was born into a human family. His mother was of Swedish back ground and was a musician. His father was Italian and was a priest. Since his father was of the cloth they enrolled the christened “Antonio” into a private Christian school he was shunned here as he was seen as a forbidden omen and even the men along side his father spoke of his son being “evil” and a “demon in human flesh”. Although, nothing could be proved for Belial was a excellent child and only did outstanding things. It was his true nature of being prideful that made him act like the ‘angel’ they thought he was. Yet, as he entered his teenage years it was because of his appearance and style he is sometimes teased and was given the nickname of “black cat” in his school. Also a rumor was spread that if he was too cross your path then your luck would turn for the worse and you would befall a horrible fate, also, that if he was to stare into your eyes anyone would fall madly in love with him. These rumors made him a social outcast. Yet, while this was going on at school Belial was creating his own secret army within a local club known as “Assunta” where he began a regular and was wildly popular as he trapped dancers into his illusion where they now sleep and live in the small space, awaiting for their master to come back to them and instruct them what they must do. It is these two strange side to this coin that propels Belial personality of being a demon and human within the same being.

War Politics. Belial is in wait. He knows that by day he must play the part of a fool and the lonely teenager but at night he is in anticipation of the war. He is excited that the paths of heaven will be over thrown and destroyed by their hands. He is that of a rebel and always will be. He is scornful against heaven and the leaders of it. He feels betrayed and hates how uncaring God is in his eyes. He find God to be an unloving creature and can not accept him as a ruler because of these purposes. Also, he is infatuated by the human world and its offers making him a slave to it.

Artillery. The scrolls of his illusionary spells are the only true artillery that he has. Each are a small slip of paper that he caries in his pocket and can be activated quickly on command.

**Pre-War Relationships with Other Angels: Belial’s only true relationship with the other angels is infatuation. He was infatuated by their beauty and power, which resulted him latching onto the “morning star” and believing that he was the true pathway. Belial as an angel was more in playing games with humans and was always being punished by the creator so he was given no chance to really create a strong bond with them in his angelic state.
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